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Philippi Super 7 Inauguration

On Wednesday, September 12, 2018, the Philippi Recreation Committee had our inaugural celebration of the opening of the Super 7 Multi-Sport arena, at the North Philippi city park. This project was led by Rec Committee members Stephen Iwunor and Adam Poling, and Stephen’s oldest son Elijah Iwunor. These three submitted an application in July for a Try This WV mini grant offered by the WV Healthy Kids and Families Coalition. The application submitted was one of 60 selected to be awarded the mini grant. “We submitted this mini grant application in hopes to do our part, as part of the recreation committee in making Philippi a place of destination” – Stephen Iwunor. The Super 7 multi sports arena is the 2nd ever created by concept creators Glo Games LLC located on Chestnut Ridge. With the Super 7, community families can enjoy a small space where multiple sporting games can be played, like basketball, dodgeball, and corn hole. The arena will be lit at night by Glo Games own patent pending “Light It Up” LED basketball rim kits, so the fun won’t stop when the sun goes down, but continues. Among those in attendance were Susie Cvechko of the Barbour County Commissions who said, “I think it’s wonderful anytime you can have children involved and hopefully we can see many more children and adults in the park.” Also in attendance was Bill Bowers, chairman of the Recreation Committee who stated, “I think this is a good start for the park, and this will be a nice area for all the kids in the town and county.” Wendy Madden of Congressman McKinley’s office, also among attendees, presented and read a congratulatory letter from the congressman. Josh Allen, Alderson Broaddus Alumni Relations director, shared how excited he was about the Super 7, its potential role in adding to the university’s desire to expand its community engagement with its Go Give student volunteer initiative, and is looking forward to building a Super 7 on campus. Before the heavy rain brought an end to the evening celebration, about 20 kids from the community were able to dedicate the Super 7 with laughter, fun, and games. As someone who has resided in Barbour County for only six years, I am very proud of this accomplishment we have made. Despite being enveloped in multiple negative storylines, from the opioid epidemic to our perceived lack in many areas, I believe that we as a county have a greater glory to be revealed, and the completion of this project is a part of this greater glory – Stephen Iwunor.  Anyone who would like more information about or want participate in the Philippi Rec Committee, feel free to contact Ruston Seaman at 304-669-2191. Lastly, we want to express our appreciation to all the volunteers around Barbour County, who helped in the building of the North Philippi city park Super 7. Your labor of love for our city and county was critical.



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