Be A Light


Our goal is to mobilize a caring network of sponsors on behalf of the families in Puerto Rico who remain without power and are negatively impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Our efforts involve working through churches and the faith community to connect with families in their outreach area and provide Solar Powered Lights that the churches could deliver and use as a positive tool of relational ministry with those who live in their community. Churches are positioned across the island to be helpful to families and the process of providing a solar light to families will provide opportunities to discover any other needs the families may have.  We believe the “Be a Light” community of friends will evolve and find other supportive resources that may be available through the compassionate support.  The Light is one tool in the hands of the initiative to ensure Puerto Rican families are not forgotten.


Current Key Players

Urban Strategies has active relationships with churches and leaders across the island of Puerto Rico, and in particular has a strategic focus on providing mental health support to families, through a growing set of local congregations. New Vision developed the “Ray of Life” solar powered light that provides lighting and cell phone charging for up to five years of operation. Nemo Cortez, the owner of Nemo Refrigeration, is the distributor of the lights. “Be A Light for Puerto Rico“ is a partnership of Urban Strategies, Convoy of Hope, Christian Community Development Association, Galveston Urban Ministries, New Vision Renewable Energy and Glogames. The campaign launched March 1, 2018.

How It Works

Sponsors are asked to give a tax deductible $110 donation to cover the cost of providing a “Ray of Life“ solar powered light and connect a family with a local church partner that will serve as a hand of friendship. Urban Strategies and New Vision will receive and account for all donations and provide a tax deductible receipt to the sponsor. New Vision material costs are $85 for the solar panel, battery, cords and lights. New Vision will retain $15 per light to continue to expand sharing the need and story across the country. $10 per unit will be used to pay for import fees and shipping to Convoy of Hope, located in Springfield, Missouri. Convoy of Hope is providing supply chain support to get the products to their warehouse in Puerto Rico. Nemo Cortez will be responsible for getting the products to the churches who, in turn, will be responsible for the distribution and support. Nemo will provide a service contract to the families and provide ongoing support as they move towards resolving their energy challenges.


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