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New Vision is a Christian Community Development organization working to ReEnergize Communities. It evolved from a rich 50 year history of ministry and development in rural communities in Appalachia and around the country.

New Vision was birthed in 2009 out of a friendship between an independent-minded, renewable energy innovator and a Christian Community Development leader who was looking for new ways to help people help themselves. As a result of this relationship, renewable energy became the vehicle for this truly unique outreach model.

New Vision’s home base, research and training center, “The Innovation Station,” is located on Chestnut Ridge in North Central West Virginia, a small community rich in ingenuity, creativity and skills. We are everyday people with an extraordinary vision for helping others recognize and use their God-given talents to do great things wherever they are.

We believe that God has given us the natural resources and human ingenuity to develop innovative, sustainable and renewable energy solutions in communities all over the world. New Vision brings renewable energy technology to people who will benefit the most; who would otherwise not be able to afford and/or implement this vital tool.

As a nonprofit organization, we work locally and globally with faith-based and community organizations to get renewable products into the hands of our members and partners at a rate that is affordable. We also provide the training they need to produce their own renewable energy systems.

We offer a completely New Vision for both helping to solve energy issues while strengthening community relationships and involvement.

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