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Our goal is to mobilize a caring network of sponsors on behalf of the families in Puerto Rico who remain without power and are negatively impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Our efforts involve working through churches and the faith community to connect with families in their outreach area and provide Solar Powered Lights that the churches could deliver and use as a positive tool of relational ministry with those who live in their community. Churches are positioned across the island to be helpful to families and the process of providing a solar light to families will provide opportunities to discover any other needs the families may have. The “Be a Light” community of friends would evolve and find other supportive resources, that may be available through the compassionate support, so the Light is one tool in the hands of the initiative to ensure Puerto Rican families are not forgotten.


As a Christian Community Development organization our understanding of the world is centered around the concept of a created order where everyone, everywhere finds themselves living in a community of some description.  The work of development involves humans shaping the foundation of the buildings from which the people that share the space define the community they are from or living in.  We utilize renewable energy products and creative thinking to stimulate solutions or reignite the good ideas that neighbors, families, ingenuity and hard work bring about.


Mentoring to help people thrive is the heartbeat of our ministry work. We connect relationships and experiences that nurture learning and discovery with people who have the ability to advance their own capacity and make a positive contribution in their homes, community and world. Moving beyond receiving more services, our efforts encourage and equip people to see a future ripe with possibilities to succeed at accomplishing goals they set and opportunities they pursue. New Vision is about mobilizing the God-given resources within and around us to shape a brighter future.

About New Vision

We’re an international organization lighting up communities around the world. Our lights are solar powered and use the power of the sun to light up remote communities.

Over the years, the stories of people without light have touched us. We have heard stories of mothers losing their children to snakes at night, snakes that would have stayed away if only the home had light. We have also heard stories of remote hospitals having to financially decide between powering their generator or medical supplies. Obviously, the hospitals chose the supplies, but care had to be given under candle light. New Vision finds conditions like this unacceptable. Our mission is to deliver light to communities around the world, as no one should have to live in darkness.

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  • I’m thankful for the partnership with New Vision. The organization’s long-term, unselfish commitment to the well being of others is admirable, particularly with and among vulnerable families as is the case in Puerto Rico.

    Lisa Cummins, President of Urban Strategies
  • When our principal, Mrs. Julie Bibey told me of NVRE’s desire to come to school to give students the chance to build some solar powered light boxes, I jumped at the opportunity to give our kids a hands-on experience in learning a skill and serving others, it was awesome.

    Mr. John Boskovic, 4th Grade Teacher Philippi Elementary
  • New Vision is one of the great centers for invention in the United States. They know that the raw materials for creativity are the gifts and skills of neighbors. They make the future by looking next door.

    John McKnight, CoFounder of the Asset Based Community Development Institute

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