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Hands-on Training & Online Instruction

Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish you feed him for a lifetime. The principal of training people, children and organizations to do things for themselves rather than doing something for them, is universally accepted as a best practice in the world of community and family development. New Vision is finding ways to make training accessible, affordable and practical for families and communities working to implement renewable energy solutions into their daily lives.

At least ten times a year we hold weekend trainings which offer two tracks of instruction. The technical instruction teaches the participant how to build a small solar panel and covers topics relevant to solar panels and their installation. The training gives an overview of the renewable energy field and equips participants with the basic tools they need for practical applications. The other training track focuses on the outreach aspect of New Vision and covers topics that community organizations need to understand in order to create successful and sustainable projects. Financing, the role of volunteers and community members, maintenance, networking and other opportunities are also covered.

Weekend training events are held the first weekend of the month. The training will begin on Friday morning and finish by 1 p.m. on Sunday. Three people from each community are encouraged to attend the training: a "technical person/project manager" who will be trained on the details of producing renewable energy; a team leader who will receive information on such things as the partnership aspect, the ministry model, public relations and communication; and the training/volunteer leader.

If you must cover two of the three leadership positions with one person that is workable, however we highly recommend building your start-up leadership team with three people and of course, more are welcome. The training is $200 per person which will include food and lodging as well. Travel expenses are your own responsibility.

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Online training

As a benefit to our Members, we are developing courses on different subjects like Renewable Energy 101, Solar Energy, and practical money saving solutions. These courses along with regular "Mad Scientist" updates from John Prusa, and an overview of the community impact of different projects will be coming to our members via the internet.

If you are interested in online training with New Vision please contact us. Even if this is something you want to work toward, please let us know how we can support you until you are able to commit to the training and ultimately implementation in your community.

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