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solar cookers

What is a Solar Cooker?

A solar cooker uses the energy of sunlight as a fuel source for cooking and sterilizing water. New Vision's solar cooker consists of a parabolic lens with a highly reflective mirror film that concentrates sunlight into a single focal point, where a cooking pot can reach temperatures between 700-800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why use a Solar Cooker?

In developing countries women walk 3-5 hours a day to gather wood for cooking, often into perilous areas where there are threats to their safety due to violence in warring areas. They carry an average of 65 lbs. of wood over long distances on their backs in order to provide food and light for their families. Having a reliable source of energy to cook food and water is imperative to fight disease that spreads through contamination. The world health organization attributes 2-5 million deaths per year are caused by water-related diseases alone. Small children are often the ones who fall victim to these very preventable diseases.

The sun is an amazing energy source that is clean, free and abundant in many areas where it has traditionally been viewed as a scourge on the land creating hardships associated with drought and food scarcity. Solar cookers are one way we can ease burdens for those facing tough challenges for daily survival.

With the use of renewable energy solutions like the solar cooker, New Vision sees a future where health problems are diminished, free time is increased, safety is improved and environmental damage is reduced. It’s clear that for people in developing nations, solar cookers are a viable and beneficial alternative.

The Advantages:

Solar cooking has many benefits over conventional cooking that relies on wood and coal.
For example, it:

  • Conserves natural resources that would be used for cooking fuel
  • Saves money that would otherwise go for fuel
  • Emits no harmful emissions
  • Frees up time for individuals, especially in developing countries, who otherwise would have to search for scarce fuel supplies
  • Is safer than cooking with open fires and other potentially dangerous sources
  • Helps preserve nutrients in food that diminish from cooking at high heat.
Clean Cooking with the power of the sun

$250 USD per (plus shipping)

This solar cooker unit boils water in approximately 10 minutes or less in full sun. The parabolic mirror concentrates the sun’s rays into a single focal point to reach temperatures in excess of 700 degrees.

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