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Corporate social responsibility, corporate sustainability and corporate governance collectively are shaping the identity of organizations and are increasingly integrated into the business strategy models of successful corporations. The field of responsible business strategy and practice is becoming one of the most dynamic and challenging subjects corporate leaders are facing today, and possibly one of the most important ones for shaping the future of the world economy. The primary driving force is the recognition by an increasing number of people that it is time for a fundamental change in the role of businesses in a world that must evolve in a more sustainable manner. New Vision provides opportunities for businesses to get involved at many levels. Contact us and we will tailor a project to help you meet your goals.

Social Innovation

New Vision has developed products and services that address specific social and environmental concerns. The key to the growth of the social innovation sector is the growing acceptance that the most sustainable way for a desirable social or environmental good to be produced is to make sure that people want it. In other words, in the minds of a growing number of people, profit has become linked to sustainability, and sustainability has come to be seen as profitable.

With our Innovation Station creating unique solutions to everyday problems found in rural communities both nationally and internationally, we need your help to move these solutions from our platform to the community in need. Poverty surrounds us. You don't have to drive very far to see families in need. We need you to help us bring our solutions to your own community. From solar panel installations to reduce a families electric bill to solar-powered aquaponic greenhouses that sustain a community garden to biodiesel fuel production, New Vision has developed innovative ways to engage communities and bring them hope.

New Vision presents a great story of community development that has successfully engaged its citizens around sustainability issues but it also provides practical lessons for other communities looking to become more sustainable. We actively engage with communities and have created a model for learning that is easily adaptable.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), or the corporate practice of returning investment to a community, is a term that has taken on its own life in the past few years. From debates that have pondered ethics, investment versus profits, and more, CSR at its heart is an act of philanthropy and investment that one community member makes in another.

In fact, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has taken on such a life that many companies are choosing to hold philanthropic, community-based team building events for their employees—and New Vision has the training, products and mission objectives in place to provide opportunity and guidance in this important area.

Pamela O'Brien
Director of Business Development & Communications