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A Tribute to Scott Middleton

May 15, 1962 – October 7, 2012

New Vision said goodbye to a dear friend and business partner on October 7, 2012. Though saddened, we know this time apart is temporary and we celebrate Scott Middleton’s life and positive impact in the lives of those around him. His enthusiasm and positive attitude were contagious and added great value to his work as a primary marketing driver for New Vision.

Scott was a New Visionary—he believed in our capacity as individuals to help others help themselves through innovative renewable technology. He not only began the creation of a dynamic website and backend portal to support New Vision’s cause, but was also a major donor to our Light and Life Campaign. As such, he was ready to launch an extensive marketing effort to help bring solar light and power to children and families around the world who are living in darkness.

John Prusa, Cindy Kelly, Pastor Simba and Ruston Seaman show the light.Scott had a big heart for helping others and we are thankful for having walked together with him this far. While we may experience some temporary delays in updating our website and increasing our online marketing efforts, we are inspired more than ever to finish the good race he believed in so strongly.

In his honor, we have created the Scott Middleton Light and Life Fund to support sending lights to Kenya, Africa. Lights will be distributed in the slums of Kibera by dedicated individuals like Pastor Simba, and to others who will benefit the most from having a clean source of light and power. Each light will be blessed in Scott’s name.

If you would like to contribute to the Scott Middleton Light and Life Fund, please click here. In this way, Scott’s memory will shine on in the lives of others.

Thank you, Scott!
Your friends at NVRE

Scott Middleton

John Prusa, Cindy Kelly, Pastor Simba and Ruston Seaman show the light.