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Portable Solar Power Pack & Light

With almost 1.3 billion people living without the benefits of electricity, many of our world's most vulnerable families and communities can be identified by the absence of modern energy alternatives. In the 21st century there remains a sad reality that people have to use fire or kerosene or candles to navigate in the night. Imagine all the changes that would take place in your life if there were no electricity. 40% of the childhood deaths in Kenya are related to respiratory disease and major contributors to this problem is the absence of clean energy options for cooking food and lighting homes. Imagine the challenges faced by children in the developing world who know that getting ahead means being at school during the day and studying at night, so you light a kerosene wick to have a flame to study by all the while you are huffing the fumes connected to your light source.

A 21st century solution is a simple combination of a small 10 watt solar panel, a compact 2V/9Ah lithium polymer battery and a set of super bright LED lights that provide the light for a family to enjoy some of the quiet hours at night.  New Vision has developed a portable solar power pack and light that will allow families to harness electricity every hour of a sunny day to be used at night. Amazing what a change it can make into the educational development and personal safety of families simply to have a renewable light that can charge cell phone or run other small devices as well as provide a portable light that can be used every night.  

New Vision is seeking to partner with sponsoring organizations and churches who are interested in helping families and communities have lights that extend the useful hours of daily life. New Vision has a growing number of international community partners who desire to expand a light project in their community or village.

New Vision provides the training and technical support required to work in collaboration with a variety of groups and organizations to extend the use of renewable lighting around the world.

We also offer solar-powered water filtration products that complement our Portable Solar Light & Power Pack. Water filtration units remove 99.9% of bacteria to provide clean drinking water. Download the documents to the right to learn how Light & Life, Light & Water, and Light & Power can help children, families and villages in need.

In addition to purchasing solar lights directly, we also offer an option called Party In The Dark where you can host/attend a party designed to raise money for solar lights for people in developing countries around the world. For more information, click here.

Portable Solar Power Pack & Light

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This simple light system is a very bright idea. It is both affordable and extremely portable providing 3-4 hours of bright LED lighting and the ability to store energy and charge electronic devices via USB ports and power outlets.

Ray of Life Room Solar Solution
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Light & Power
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Light & Water
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