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Missions trips

It's Possible! "All things are possible to those who believe." Mark 9:23

Introduce your youth group to a mission experience of a different kind. Join others who are actively stewarding the earth’s resources while simultaneously helping people access economical alternative energy solutions that meet their energy needs.


Your team will learn about how significant the burden of energy costs is for ministries, community facilities and for low to moderate income families.  At the same time they are learning how to help people help themselves through renewable energy projects.


New Vision has created a way for the church to bring practical skills and economical solutions to people who need them the most. Your youth group can be a part of restoring hope to rural communities in our country through innovative renewable energy outreach projects.

"What a blessing to be able to combine outreach with stewardship! New Vision trips like the Habitat for Humanity project in Waynesburg give our church family a chance to experience both."

Bonnie DeRouchie
Missions Director, Peoples Chapel Church
Dear Youth Leader,

This past summer teenagers from all over the country were part of a New Vision mission experience. Our staff has been deeply moved by the stories we are hearing back from these students about the way their lives have been changed by the mission trip they were on.

I would welcome a chance to talk with you about how your students could be telling these same stories next summer. At New Vision, we offer a unique mission experience unlike any other through renewable energy projects.

Being part of a New Vision Mission Experience brings the following benefits: Pre-Trip training for your leaders; Meals and housing; Renewable Energy and other community-based projects and fundraising opportunities.

Consider being part of a New Vision Mission trip. Your group will learn innovative ways to make a lasting impact in the lives of people and our planet!