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Help Stop the Outbreak of Ebola

Send solar lights to the 90% of the population in Liberia living without electricity, struggling to take care of their sick in the dark.

We received an urgent request from two of our in-country partners in Liberia that report hospitals and clinics are overwhelmed and sending patients away.

Without electricity, they tell us stories of families and small clinics that must shut down at dark or try to administer IVs and medications to fight the fevers as they spike at night, using just the light of candles or dangerous kerosene lamps that emit toxic fumes.

And light even beyond this crisis means a safer and brighter future for families, orphanages, schools, businesses and clinics.

  • Please donate, every dollar will help off-set the costs of the lights and shipping to Liberia.
  • $100 - Please send a light to Liberia and we will send you an update on our progress in Liberia where the light has been sent.
  • $180 – Buy yourself a light for $180 and an additional light will be sent to Liberia.

The Ray of Life solar light can be used for camping or during emergencies and it also charges your phone or small electronic device.

Do it now! There are few times in our lives where we have the opportunity to make a huge impact with lasting results for generations to come.

Donation Options


Purchase a Ray of Life Solar Whole Room Solar Light to be sent to Liberia: $100

Purchase a Ray of Life Whole Room Solar Light for yourself and New Vision will send a light in your name to Liberia: $180