Empowering People. Repowering Communities.

our leadership team

Ruston Seaman
President & CEO

Ruston has dedicated his adult life to ministry and community development in under resourced rural communities in the US. His work began in 1980, when he was picked up while hitchhiking in South Dakota by the missionary pastor of Peoples Chapel Church located in Chestnut Ridge, West Virginia. Ruston eventually became pastor of the church, along with his wife Donna, and continues in this role today. New Vision is also based in this community they call home.

Ruston is a graduate of Alderson Broaddus College and Eastern Baptist Seminary with a Master's Degree in Christian Faith and Public Policy. Ruston founded the Cornerstone Cooperation in 1986. It evolved into Appalachian Community Care, a 501(c)3 organization, which has been responsible for starting and partnering with a number of ministry organizations and has incubated the New Vision ministry since its beginning. Ruston and Donna served as Appalachian Directors for World Servants, an international short-term mission organization, from 1994-1999. In 2000, Ruston became the Appalachian Director for World Vision International and became the National Rural Director in 2008, until taking his position leading New Vision in 2011.

Ruston has served on numerous boards including CCDA, the Christian Community Development Association, and currently is an advisor on rural issues. CCDA supports a national network of Christian ministries across the county. Ruston and his wife have two children Leah and Ruston Ray, and a host of farm animals and friends. The Seaman's are the first family in their community to convert their home heating, electric and vehicles to all operate on alternative energy sources.

John Prusa
Director of Technology & Innovation

John Prusa is an electrical engineer and inventor residing in Philippi, West Virginia who is committed to New Vision. John has a history of innovations with three European patents. He has applied for two additional U.S. patents. John initially wanted to investigate cooking oil as a means of becoming energy independent; and, quickly developed a passion for "going green".

John has now converted his entire residential energy needs (heating and air, electrical energy and auto fuel) to operate on biodiesel and solar power, cutting his energy costs nearly $20,000 annually. John is the creative force of New Vision solutions and has converted multiple vehicles and homes to operate this way; and has a vision for taking these applications to a community level. Thanks to John's efforts, New Vision has working prototypes of homemade solar panels, WVO converted vehicles and furnaces, as well as facilities and equipment for biodiesel processing.

Pamela O'Brien
Director of Business Development & Communications

Pamela brings over 25 years' experience in marketing strategy, corporate and product positioning as well as business development and tactical marketing management for a diverse spectrum of business-to-business and service sector organizations. She thrives at bringing clarity and focus to emerging or evolving companies, achieving buy-in of product and corporate positioning at all levels of the organization, and communicating a clear corporate mission to all outside constituents. She helps to build efficient processes and high-performing, collaborative teams to ensure project goals are met and budgets are proactively managed.

Ms. O'Brien was co-founder of Hi-Tech Marketing, Inc. and President & Owner of Hi-Tech Consulting Services, located in the Northern Virginia technology sector. Her passion, however, is working with nonprofit corporations and as a Project Coordinator of short term mission groups for World Vision's U.S. Programs Rural Ministry, was able to witness firsthand the transformational development that can take place in an under-resourced community. At New Vision, she hopes to weave the possibilities of New Vision's green energy initiative into rural America to assist with empowering people and repowering communities.