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partnership opportunities

Opportunity Description Summary Company Role
Membership Sign up as a New Visionary Member NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

$50/year–Nonprofit organization


Donation Make tax deductible donation. Suggested amount $10/employee.
Commodity/Surplus GIK (Gift In Kind) Company sponsored employee volunteer project. Company covers or matches employee expenses.
Employee Secundment Company assigns employee to work with NVRE for designated period. Company pays employee during secundment period.
Adopt a Project Company underwrites all or part of NVRE project/campaign (PFAP/PITD, Renewable Outreach Projects). Sponsor fee TBD.
Sponsor a Participant Company sponsors specific project participants. Participant specific loan guarantee or match participant’s investment.
Revolving Loan Help capitalize Revolving Loan Fund. Company contributes through Social Related Investment (nominal interest rate and forgivable) or through donation.
Vision923 a) Employee picks up trash in community,

b) Donate amount per bag for community cleanup.

c) Donate to cause related campaign of choice promoting Justice,Cleaning America or Sustainability.
Company covers costs.

Donate amt per bag TBD; Recommended donation: $25/bag.

Donate at TBD campaign.
Light and Life Campaign Sponsor solar lights or cookers for those living without electricity or food. Cost of light or cooker (plus shipping).
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partners in corporate responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), or the corporate practice of returning investment to a community, is a term that has taken on its own life in the past few years. From debates that have pondered ethics, investment versus profits, and more, CSR at its heart is an act of philanthropy and investment that one community member makes in another.

In fact, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has taken on such a life that many companies are choosing to hold philanthropic, community-based team building events for their employees—and New Vision has the training, products and mission objectives in place to provide opportunity and guidance in this important area.

Pamela O'Brien
Director of Business Development & Communications