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Help Stop the Outbreak of Ebola

One Clinic Can Save Hundreds

We need your help to light the Pool of Bethesda Medical Clinic located in the Coca-Cola Factory Community, in Paynesville, Monrovia, Liberia.

Inside Pool of Bethesda Clinic

New Vision has earmarked 16 Ray of Life Whole Room Solar Lights, one for each room in the Pool of Bethesda Medical Clinic owned and operated by Mr. Morris Varmah.

The clinic opened in 2009 to help the community with their medical needs. It was the only clinic that operated in the community during the peak of the Ebola crisis.

Prior to the Ebola outbreak, it took in about 25 patients daily. But during the crisis when most hospitals and clinics were closed due to the spread of the virus, it began taking up to 50 patients daily in their small 16 room clinic.

According to Mr. Varmah, "It was a huge challenge for such a small clinic because many people were sick from other illnesses we could not turn them away."

Solar Lights Can Save Money Better Spent On Medicine

Outside Pool of Bethesda Clinic

Offering medical care day and night is essential to fighting this ravaging disease. But the cost to run a clinic can sometimes mean the difference in paying for the generator or purchasing medical supplies.

Mr. Varmah said they rent current from a nearby business center to operate the clinic at night, from 6 PM to 6 AM. And during the day they use a generator.

He said the cost to run the generator and rent (electricity) current at the same time is even higher than the cost of drugs. He said some nights when the generator dies they are performing medical treatments using only the light from lanterns.

Mr. Varmah said he does not know how long he can sustain these conditions. And given the prediction of how long it will take to eradicate the Ebola disease, his clinic will be needed for possibly years to come.

With your tax-deductible gift, New Vision will be able to add 16 Ray of Life whole room solar lights to light Pool of Bethesda Medical Clinic as well as charge their phones and small devices, their only communication.

Hundreds of people will be taken care of by the clinic -- not only the Ebola victims but all the other medical patients with needs that cannot be ignored.

You have very few chances in this world to really make a difference. An investment in the Ray of Life whole room solar lights will have far-reaching beneficial effects even after the crisis has passed.

Donation Options


Purchase a Ray of Life Solar Whole Room Solar Light to be sent to Liberia: $100

Purchase a Ray of Life Whole Room Solar Light for yourself and New Vision will send a light in your name to Liberia: $180