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Businesses are learning how to drive business growth through social change. Through Corporate Social Responsibility models and the desire to be "green" or sustainable,companies have built up a body of knowledge about how to react to these externalities and many of these same professionals are now starting to help companies engage with them proactively. In other words, instead of just coping with incoming issues, companies increasingly are trying to figure out how to lean forward and engage. It is our job to connect to organizations with our unique set of programs and engage each business on their own unique level.

We develop opportunities for Partnership that fit your organizations' needs.

Employers and employees can support New Vision in many ways through their workplace. Our menu of Partnership Opportunities (pdf) provides ideas to get a business started—here are more examples:

  • Employers may match tax-deductible charitable contributions made by their employees, retirees and employees' spouses. Organizations may also choose to donate a certain amount per employee.
  • Each year thousands of employees are given the opportunity to direct a portion of their paycheck to the charities of their choice through workplace giving campaigns. You can help us serve more families in need of renewable energy solutions by directing your workplace contribution to New Vision Renewable Energy.
  • Commodity Surplus/Gift in Kind (GIK) – Many corporations often have unused inventory laying around that can be donated to New Vision for our projects. For example, Alcoa is a large aluminum producer and we need aluminum to build frames for our solar units, Home Depot may have a surplus of wood that isn't being purchased and may be donated to New Vision for our ground structures.
  • Employee Secundment – A corporation may allow an employee to work at New Vision for an allotted period of time and donate their hours to help our mission. Whether they are an accountant, administrative or just want to get their hands dirty assisting with our community solar projects or aquaponics farming research, many opportunities exist.

Partnership Opportunities:

Featured Partners:
Our Featured Partner has a unique relationship with New Vision. For example, Feed Adam donates $1 of every sale of their Quinoa product to New Vision.

Tortal, a division of Driven Brands, is a leader in Training and Education specializing in eLearning and assists New Vision with their online training courses. Come partner with us and discover a world of possibilities!

Corporate Partners:
We will engage our Corporate Partners with our Partnership Opportunities that are tailored to meet their needs. We will develop relationships with these partners on an individualized basis to meet their social responsibility goals and those that have the resources to help us meet our goal of serving others in need.

Private Philanthropic Partners:
We welcome philanthropic partners and special donations from those that want to share their gifts and talents with us.  We will meet privately with these partners and give special consideration to where their gifts and talents will be utilized.

Media and Entertainment Partners:
We will engage in partnerships with gifted entertainers who are driven to engage in social change.

featured partner

When you purchase a Feed Adam product, not only do you get the amazing nutritional benefits from eating great food. Feed Adam donates $.50 for every pound of quinoa product sold to New Vision to support sustainably growing micro-enterprise projects worldwide!
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Pamela O'Brien
Director of Business Development & Communications