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Jesus was known to turn water into wine, and in that spirit, New Vision is helping communities learn how to turn waste vegetable oil into biodiesel fuel. It is a little known fact that Rudolph Diesel the inventor of the diesel engine, designed the diesel engine to run on peanut oil, which makes vegetable oil and not petroleum the fuel of choice for diesel engines. This is true for all diesel engines tractors, cars, trucks and generators. New Visionaries are taught how to utilize a centrifuge, tanks and pumps to reduce their family fuel bills, the only thing required is a diesel engine and a willingness to pitch in and get your hands greasy.

What started in John Prusa'a garage is now operational in the "Innovation Station" on Chestnut Ridge. The Bio fuel project is supported by the Sudexo Marriot food service at Alderson Broaddus college and a host of area restaurants whose support comes in the form of the waste vegetable oil that is produced every time the frying machine has to be changed. During our intensive weekend trainings and during the Monday night work of the green team, participants work together to turn the waste oil into a usable fuel for the diesel vehicles of the group. Along with processing the oil members learn about the mechanics of diesel motors and some of the simple conversions required for some of the motors. It is a unique bond that is developed while producing fuel, the only complaint seems to be the smell of french fries!