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In a hungry, thirsty world, with a growing population, the need for healthy food and clean water increases daily. Global choices include finding new resources or manage the resources that are available in a more productive way. Aqua Ponics is a marriage of Aqua culture, the raising of fish and Hydro Ponics the raising of vegetables with water and liquid fertilizer. This win win solution requires a tank of fish “tilapia is our choice”  and a garden grown in shallow bed river gravel, no dirt required. The dirty water from the tilapia is pumped into the gravel beds, the plants absorb what we call “waste” and turn it into the organic nutrition required to grow the vegetables, the water is purified and sent back to the fish who love clean water and the cycle starts over and over.

Aquaponics is a 21st century renewable solution that is applicable to both urban and rural environments and is a great venue for renewable heating, water pumping, lighting and ventilation. An aqua garden empowers people to raise organic food and take a quantum leap towards sustainability. In the world of community and family development people agree that it is better to teach a man to fish than it is to give fish away. Aqua farmers learn how to breed their big fish to make little fish, who in turn become big fish every seven months. The system goes round and round. Organic vegetables and healthy plants speak for themselves in this solution which maximizes the natural resources that are available.

New Vision is seeking to partner with sponsoring organizations and churches who are in relationships with communities where food quality or insecurity is a major issue. New Vision is working to develop the training and technical expertise required to support the development of Aquaponics projects. Contact our staff to learn about the training and project potential .

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