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About new vision renewable energy

New Vision has evolved from a rich 50 year history of ministry and development in rural communities in Appalachia and around the country. New Vision's home base, research and training center, "The Innovation Station", is located on Chestnut Ridge in North Central West Virginia, a small community rich in ingenuity, creativity and skills. We are everyday people with an extraordinary vision for helping others recognize and use their God-given talents to do great things wherever they are.

Join the Movement

New Vision connects citizens, businesses, faith-based and community organizations to join an international renewable energy movement. We are developing the training and resources necessary to empower families and communities to go from energy consumers to energy producers. The energy they create is an essential and valuable commodity. The old-fashioned, time-tested, neighbors-helping-neighbors method of working together is an invaluable part of what we do. Each individual, organizational and business member serves to broaden the vision and impact.

Hands-on Training & Online Instruction

At least ten times a year we hold weekend trainings which offer two tracks of instruction. The technical instruction teaches the participant how to build a small solar panel and covers topics relevant to solar panels and their installation. The training gives an overview of the renewable energy field and equips participants with the basic tools they need for practical applications. The other training track focuses on the outreach aspect of New Vision and covers topics that community organizations need to understand in order to create successful and sustainable projects

Renewable Outreach Projects/Mission Trips

New Vision Renewable Outreach Projects offer a hands-on, one-of-a-kind,experience for groups to become more knowledgeable about renewable energy while at the same time helping others increase their capacity for producing renewable energy solutions. Projects are usually a week-long but can be customized according to the specific needs of your group. Some of our existing and potential project locations currently include West Virginia, North Carolina, New Mexico, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and Kenya.

International Outreach

There are 1.3 billion people who live without electricity and face the daily challenges and dangers that come with up to 12 hours of darkness each night. They also struggle to find fuel for cooking and water purification. In Kenya alone, over 40% of childhood deaths are related to respiratory illness due to daily exposure to kerosene, wood and charcoal smoke. The Light and Life Campaign is addressing this issue with low cost portable solar light kits and solar cookers.

New Vision Memberships

Membership - $10
Become a part of a growing group of families and individuals that are learning and serving together in developing renewable projects.

Membership - $50
Renew and ReEnergize your school, church, or non- profit organization.

Membership - $100
Help your company fulfill its corporate social responsibility goals by acquiring practical tools to improve sustainability practice.