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New Vision believes that God has given us the natural resources and human ingenuity to develop innovative, sustainable and renewable energy solutions in communities all over the world. A non-profit organization, we work locally and globally with faith-based and community organizations to get renewable products into the hands of the people that will benefit the most. We offer a completely New Vision for strengthening community relationships and involvement.

Ruston Seaman Receives
eTown E-Chievement Award

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Help Us Bring Light to Haiti

The Dwyer Group, a successful international franchise corporation, Lights a Whole Village in Haiti in Partnership with New Vision Renewable Energy and Mission Waco Mission World. Using time-tested community development exercises where each family “earns” their solar light by investing “giving back” their valuable time in improving their own community by offering a valuable service. Similar to Edgar Cahn’s Timebanking methodology, community members use their time and talents in a number of ways. Some may be great cooks while others may be talented farmers, primary school teachers or storytellers as they work alongside each other and share their traditions together.

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The Pool of Bethesda Medical Clinic Needs Your Help.

We need to raise $1600 to send 16 Ray of Life Whole Room Solar Lights to the Pool of Bethesda Medical Clinic in Liberia!

Offering medical care day and night is essential to fighting this ravaging disease. But the cost to run their clinic can sometimes mean the difference in paying for the generator or purchasing medical supplies. This leaves them no choice but to use candle light to perform medical treatments.

16 solar lights can mean the difference between life and death to their patients. With your tax deductible donations hundreds of people will be taken care of by the clinic -- not only the Ebola victims but all the other medical patients with needs that cannot be ignored.

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A Member of the Leadership Foundations Network

New Vision Global I.M.P.A.C.T. is proud to participate in Leadership Foundations Mentoring Initiative (LFMI) which supports mentoring programs in 44 states for more than 3,000 students in a variety of mentoring activities.

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